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Host a Fundraiser

Game Day Feels is committed to building a strong community in and around our brand by providing an opportunity for foundations, organizations, and teams to raise money for their cause.  Within this community, there are members with passionate causes and we are excited to dedicate this space to those causes. Shopping the Fundraiser collection will help build a strong community and provide financial benefits to those included.  Each listing offered includes a $10 donation to the cause connected with that particular Game Day Feels product.

Have a cause you want to raise funds for?  

Are you a team mom in need of funding for an upcoming event?  

Host a Game Day Feels Fundraiser

How to set up a fundraiser through Game Day Feels.  The process is simple!

  1. Fill out the application.  A response either declining or accepting the fundraiser will be provided within 3-5 business days of application submission.
  2. Game Day Feels will photograph the product, create a listing, and provide a unique URL for the fundraiser leader to share.
  3. Create social media posts and emails to market the product (examples provided.)
  4. Sales will be tracked for 30 days; updates will be emailed every Friday and include the number of units sold along with total money raised up to that point.
  5. After 30 days, Game Day Feels will directly deposit the funds raised into the provided PayPal account. Fundraisers run for 30 days and can not be extended.


Click HERE to submit your fundraiser application!


PLEASE NOTE:  Game Day Feels is NOT responsible for marketing and/or sharing the fundraiser.  The fundraiser will not be displayed in our regular online store, shared on Game Day Feels social media, or included in any newsletters, blogs, and/or emails.  It is the fundraisers’ responsibility to market the fundraiser, products, and correct URL.

Any fundraiser quotes bought outside of the fundraiser’s link will not be included in the fundraiser.  We can not control or account for customers adding the quotes to a personalized product and purchasing it through our website; therefore, these sales will NOT be included in the total funds awarded to the fundraiser. Products MUST be bought through the corresponding unique URL in order for them to count towards the fundraiser.